How long will it take to paint the design?

It takes 4 days for the shoes I've ordered to be delivered to me, then I can start on painting them which takes about 2-3 weeks depending on how busy I am with other orders or work.


How long does the paint last?

It all depends on how much you wear them. If you wear them several times a week they will last several years. Cracking/Flaking does occur on the inside of the shoes, located on the logo. As the logo is made out of material that stretches with wear. The only way to fix the issue would be to peel the logo off which might damage the shoes, so I prefer to keep the logo on.


Can you wash your shoes?

Yes you can rub them lightly with a damp cloth, but do not throw them in the washing machine as they might get damaged.


I've ordered the wrong size can I exchange/refund them?

Only if you have contacted me within 24 Hours of ordering. If not you will have to order another pair or we can work something out if the need arises (have not started painting).


Can I get a custom design?

Yes you can get a custom design, depending on the design difficulty and type of shoe the price will vary. Contact lhughes666@hotmail.com for details.


Can I Get water on a painted design?

Yes you can get water on the painted surface, just don’t leave them in a bucket of water.

*once left a freshly varnished pair of shoes outside in the rain overnight. They were completely fine when I found them in the morning. Water had beaded over the painted surface while everywhere else left the shoes quite damp. Not something I would suggest testing voluntary lol*


What Products do you use to paint with?

I use high quality acrylic paint with a combination of uni posca paint pens, copic markers and multiliners.